We get countless people coming to us in some seriously bad shape. Some are unfit, some overweight and others just literally don’t feel well at all. Is it their fault?

The amount of conflicting information available these days is frightening. Even local publications that mention Personal Training Cheshire or Personal Training Hale seem to differ in opinion or provide completely contrasting arguments.

In fact, it was only last month whilst reading Men’s Health UK that we picked up a fantastic example!! On one page it had one the UK’s “leading” nutrition experts talking about how porridge was a fantastic start to the day as it “helps lower cholesterol” and “slowly releases energy throughout the day”…..fantastic…..we could all do with that right??

Turn to 4 pages later and you then read another Health Expert’s nutrition plan and guess what?? NO PORRIDGE MENTIONED….IN FACT what WAS mentioned was a meat and nut breakfast….

This is but one example out of countless that I come across every week.

What are your thoughts?

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