Hey there fitness fanatics !

Here’s what’s happening at Hale Fitness:

Our lead trainer and owner Stuart Lindsay of Hale Fitness has got 5 weeks until his weeks holiday to Cyprus. He’s decided to write out a detailed day to day document of his training, nutrition, sleep and supplements for clients to use for FREE!

“Our Personal Training in Hale is second to none” states Stuart. “We truly believe in leading from the front and setting a good example. We’re massive believers in practicing what we preach”.

So what can we expect from Stuart’s 5 week Personal Training Plan?

  • Before & Afters
  • Zero alcohol (makes a HUGE difference..)
  • A plan, desired outcome and a specific goal
  • Detailed workouts including sets, weights used and rest prescribed


This document will be available to all Hale Fitness Personal Training clients FREE of charge. For anyone interested Stuart will make the document available for £10 – a pretty good investment. Please contact us if interested.

Healthy regards,



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