‘HOW do you wake up at THAT time to exercise?’

I’m regularly asked this question and my go to answer is usually, ‘Because I absolutely love it and it sets me up for the day!’ but this isn’t entirely helpful for those that really struggle with the morning wake up. Instead I thought I’d put a few useful steps together that motivate me to spring out of bed ready and raring for a workout.
Now I know that many of you will currently be using that go to phrase…’I’m just not a morning person’ you’ve said it so often that you genuinely believe it. However I’m a firm believer than anyone one change this if they REALLY want to.

So here are a few practical steps to turn you from night owl to morning meerkat:

1. Figure out what your WHY is!? Why are you exercising? What are you aiming to achieve? Always remember that your fitness goals will never be achieved if you don’t take the action to achieve them. Remind yourself daily.
2. Prepare the night before – literally lay out everything that you could possibly need for your workout in the evening – clothes, breakfast snack, trainers, deodorant, sweat towel (the lot!).
3. Turn your light on as soon as you wake up – flick in on quick and get your body/mind ready.
4. Jump straight into the shower or splash water on your face to wake yourself up.
5. Remember how amazing you will feel afterwards – “For me, it’s knowing how great I’ll feel once it’s over. Once I’m done, I know I have the entire day and night to do whatever I want!”
6. Visualise – plan your workout the night before and repeat it over in your head as your drift off to sleep – visualise yourself enjoying it.
It takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, your new morning routine is a positive lifestyle change. It’s a habit you want to create to become the best version of yourself.
Be patient and persistent with it.
Ginny Coates 
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