POSITIVITY: Positivity is an expression of enthusiasm, optimism, good cheer, acceptance, tolerance and love. Most things have elements of both good and bad, people have strengths and weaknesses, there are pros and cons to every decision or change – positivity is a general focus on the good aspects. Experimental studies have looked at the beneficial effects of positivity on the longevity of relationships. Using an index of positive and negative comments made during a single 15-minute discussion of an issue of dispute between newly-weds, a study successfully predicted over 90% of marriage breakups over a ten year period. Positive thinking also has benefits to health, business and self-perception. So don’t worry, be happy, look on the bright side of life, see the glass half full, notice the good in people. (MP)

reference: http://www.bioscience-bioethics.org/p.htm

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