Every humans body is naturally programmed to store as much body fat as possible. Survival wise this is great but if wanting to be lean and in decent shape then this is no good. Re-wire your bodies natural process of storing body fat with these 5 simple rules:
1. Start every day with 100 reps of a basic body weight exercise-eg Mountain Climbers,Jumping Jacks etc.
2. Drink 3 litres of water every day.
3. Time your intake of carbohydrates around your workouts-the rest of the time keep insulin in check via high protein and healthy fats.
4. Perform high intensity intervals every other day.
5. Run or Walk 20 miles every week.
Pretty basic stuff but you don’t need to venture much further get decent results in the gym. People tend to look to supplements or the latest training methods but the best approach as with everything is to keep it simple and stick with what works. The saying “A rolling stone gathers no moss” couldn’t be more true fitness wise. Implement these simple rules into your daily routine and watch your physique lean out.
Max Fisher @ Hale Fitness
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