We use the most in depth methods for our Assessments. Our Harpenden Calipers are medical grade and are part of calculating your bodyfat measurements. From these measurements we can build a hormonal profile of your body – more importantly, how efficiently it is operating too.

Tommy Week 2


For example, have you ever lost a significant amount of weight before but always been plagued with “problem areas”? We know EXACTLY what to do to change this.

We measure from 12 different sites and each site is related to a different hormone – and how well it’s functioning. Suffer from poor thyroid? Is your metabolism at a dead end?? Maybe the old bingo wings have been troubling you??? How about the Moobs???? Surely the thighs aren’t rubbing together still!?!?!

Tommy after 8 weeks

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Ebook: The 12 Laws of fat burning

In this e-book, we demystify the 12 best ways to burn fat and achieve the shape you’ve always desired.

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