Here at Hale Fitness, Cheshire we constantly strive to educate our clients. This is so they can be at their OPTIMAL.

A lot of my clients seem either hesitant to cardiovascular workouts or, are concerned that hard gained muscle will be wasted away.  At Hale Fitness, Hale, one of my jobs is to identify optimal results in a time effective period.

Are you becoming tired of running for consistent distances but not seeing the fitness results you want?  It is now time for you to try Intensity Interval Training a training method that combines short, high intensity bursts of speed with slow recovery periods of mild activity or rest. By alternating between high and low intensity, you’ll benefit from aerobic and anaerobic training.  Essentially you will improve not just your speed, but your metabolism will be raised for up to 72 hours.

Here at Hale Fitness, Hale, Cheshire, we want you to benefit from:
1. Extra Free Time.  Doing between 20 – 30 minutes of this form of cardio exercise, three times a week, delivers the same as 60 minutes of regular cardio exercise.
2. More Calories Burned – this is due to the fluctuation in intensity at high levels. human growth hormone, which increases caloric burn and even slows down the aging process.
3. Positive workout – More endorphins are released – the happy cells.
4. Increased Speed and Endurance – will add to your fitness goals.
5. A Healthier Heart – increase your stroke volume – i.e. the amount of blood your heart pumps.

So what are you waiting for?

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Written by @AndrewNoutch

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