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So in this series of breakfast tips and solutions we want to educate!! Here at HALE Fitness we do NOT want to hold your hand all the time every time. Unfortunately, we CANNOT be with you every meal time like a shadow, nor can we train you for 1 hour per week and promise a full body transformation. We aim to educate our clients to understand their bodies better and for them to make the best choices for themselves!! 🙂


“Lesson 1 – WHY do we bang on about the importance of breakfast….??”


We love it when people ask why and want to learn more!!! HALE Fitness spends MOST of it’s day discussing (debating) the importance of good, clean and healthy foods. So we are writing it down in black and white for all to see. Why teach just one person at a time when we can help hundreds…..MAYBE even thousands look, feel and be healthier!?!?


We are NOT SCIENTISTS and so we will explain this in simple simple terms!!!

We need to look at some simple science of losing body fat, since looking good and feeling great is massively down to our nutrition.

There is no bigger influence on one’s health, size and body shape than the food eaten several times a day, everyday. Every time you eat, you create a series of hormonal responses and hormones are hundreds of times stronger than drugs. Either you control them or they control you.


Insulin Hormone & Carbohydrates

The Fat Ultimate Storing Combo!!!!

Carbohydrates come in many different forms (breads, rice pasta, cereals, cakes, sweets, biscuits, crackers, fruit, potatoes, alcohol etc.) but they all turn into sugar at some point.


It’s this increased amount of sugar and the body’s hormonal response that is the biggest influence on obesity and fat storage today.


It is sugar, not fat, that has THE biggest influence on fat storage and obesity.



1. List all the foods you would eat on a normal day:


7am 1 slice brown toast, strong tea with 1 sugar and porridge

10am Cup of tea with 1 sugar and a banana

12.30am Chicken and bacon sandwich, crisps, diet coke – sometimes a chocolate bar

6.30pm Tomato sauce with pasta and chicken, cup of tea or cordial

Now go back through and work out the SUGAR content of these foods. TOO MUCH ??

Ok, here is the scientific part – stay with it, it will help you understand why you are storing fat!

When you eat most carbohydrates (we’ll come to the good ones later), your body releases the powerful hormone insulin into your blood stream. The insulin tells your cells what to do.

It tells most cells to absorb the sugar out of the blood and tells your fat cells not to release any fat to burn (because there are carbs already in the blood to burn).

One of insulin’s jobs is to take sugar out of the blood — the sooner the better, because sugar in the blood damages the body. The reason diabetics have such bad health problems (blindness, circulation problems, etc.) is because of the damage sugar does when the person can’t make enough insulin.

When you eat something with a lot of sugar (carbs) in it, the body panics and usually overdoes the hormonal release.

Too much insulin is released to mop up the sugar (insulin spike). It takes all the sugar out of your blood. Then your blood sugar is too low, so you crave more carbohydrates and the cycle repeats.

And another problem; with sugar and most carbs you can never get enough. You can be full, topped off, completely stuffed, and you could still go for some ice cream! Eating carbs makes you crave more carbs.

So the hormone insulin (produced by eating most carbs) has three effects you don’t want:

1. Converts sugar (from high carb meals) in the blood to fat in the cells — tells the body to store all the fat it can while the sugar is available


2. Tells the cells not to burn any fat, since there are plenty of sugar molecules to burn

3. Makes you crave more carbs

Therefore, elevated insulin makes you fat, meaning sugar makes you fat, meaning carbs make you fat!

Understanding this principle is key to your fat loss:


This is typical of what most people’s diets (even the so called ‘healthy’ or ‘low fat’ diets) look like, and a major reason why:


  • they are overweight,
  • suffer from lack of energy and
  • even feel moody at varying times of the day.



For example if you eat a predominantly carbohydrate based meal at lunchtime (12pm-ish), by three o’clock you will probably feel lethargic, sleepy, lacking in energy and barely able to keep your eyes open – sound familiar?


The reason this happens is because the excess carbohydrates and lack of sufficient protein in that meal have generated an over production of insulin.


As blood sugar levels drop and you feel tired your body tells you that you need a sugar hit: and you reach for the carbs again, sandwich, chocolate bar or packet of crisps as a source of carbohydrate for the brain, and the vicious cycle starts all over again.


Not only that but the insulin has told the body to take all excess sugar floating around and covert it to fat, so not only are you sleepy, but you’re getting bigger!  Not what you want!  So how can we change this?

Once, you’ve completed #FATLOSSTIPSLESSON1  move on to the article below:



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