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Insulin Sensitvity

We need to control these blood sugar levels so the body doesn’t release insulin to then store it all as fat.



If you want to label this healthy way of eating then you can call it a ‘low insulin diet’ but we don’t call it a ‘diet’. You want to find a way to eat that you can maintain for your lifetime, not for a little while.

Otherwise you will fall into the trap of losing weight and gaining it, losing weight and gaining it (you may have already experienced this yo-yo!?). That’s demoralizing and it’s definitely not healthy.


If you don’t put very much insulin into your system, your body burns any fat you eat as fuel, and if you need more, your fat cells freely release fat into your blood stream to be burned as fuel.  The result – rapid fat loss!

When there is very little insulin, your body has to burn fat. That becomes its main fuel, and your body actually gets better at burning fat the more it has to do (because your cells make more fat-burning enzymes and fewer sugar-burning enzymes).

If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, and actually improve your health, lowering your insulin response is the best way.

The Insulin Control Protocol

You need to reduce or eliminate the foods that cause the insulin response in the body. Think of the first 2-4weeks as ‘rehab’ for your hormone (insulin) producing systems and is an elimination of most carbohydrates.

This is designed to reprogram your body to handle carbohydrates in a healthy non fat-storing way.

          A word on MOST carbohydrates:  we are not Atkins (although he did have some good points), and we are not saying we don’t need carbohydrates. What we are saying is       that the form of carbohydrate has to change. A lot of people do not realise that THE best form of carbohydrate we can eat are vegetable, especially green ones. These are packed full of nutrients, fibre and everything healthy we need from our carbohydrate intake. You can eat as many of these as you want and it doesn’t matter. They have a very minimal impact on raising insulin and are one of your main weapons to Fight the Fat.

For the quickest and best results follow this plan to the letter and we guarantee you will drop at least 1 clothes size 1 month from now!

Do not give yourselves the countless excuses that people normally give themselves when they start traditional diets that allow a ‘get out clause’. Don’t set yourself up for failure by messing about with the program just commit to it and you will feel the benefits.

Days 1-14 this is 100% strict and it is essential that you DO NOT cheat. This 14 day period is necessary to teach your body to become fat adapted.

You are able to eat meat, fish, poultry, offal, eggs and the list of foods below. You must not drink alcohol and all drinks should be water or herbal tea (the odd organic tea and black coffee is ok too). Your must aim to eat 2g per kg bodyweight of protein per day or as a more general rule 150g protein for females and 250g for males.

Here are a few veggies that are so low in insulin response that we recommend you literally eat as much as you want:


Alfalfa sprouts



Bamboo shoots





Green beans

Hearts of palm




Mustard greens




Pea pods





Salad greens



Squash (courgette)

Squash (summer)



Turnip greens


Water chestnuts

Water cress.






These are foods you can eat up to 6 servings a day:

¼ avocado

Nuts and seeds (6 to 10 nuts)


Foods that lower the glycemic index by 30%:(lower the sugar response in the system) and can be added freely to your diet


Dills and sweet pickles

Green olives


Lemon juice

Lime juice

Marinated vegetables (ie artichokes)

Pickled beets

Pickled garlic

Pickled legumes

Pickled peppers



Tangy salsas


Vinegar and oil salad dressings


Day 15

You can eat whatever you like (yep – anything) as long as you meet your protein goal.

This is where you begin to re-introduce some of the carbohydrates that have been absent from the last 2 weeks starting with certain fruits.


Day 16 – 19

You need to be 100% strict but you can now add berries (blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries etc.) to your diet.


Day 20

At 6pm (or your normal evening meal time) you can have a ‘cheat meal’. Eat whatever you like but only for 1 sitting


Repeat the 16-20 day cycle


Next, add low GI fruits for the next 2 cycles, which includes apples, pears, grapefruit, plums, coconut, kiwi, prunes, and oranges.


Remember that every 5th day you have a cheat meal.


You can eat like this for as long as you wish (all your life even) and watch the weight drop off, energy levels sore, health improve and feel great too.


Or, you can carry introducing carbohydrate foods and see how you feel on them in terms of energy levels, bloated feelings and weight/body fat levels.


If you are adding more on the next cycle, add sweet potatoes and see how you feel.



On the next cycle add quinoa.


On the next cycle add amaranth or brown rice.


Continue this way until you reach your goal body fat or weight.


Then if you are happy you can change to a 4 days 100% strict – 1 day off,  OR go for a 90% compliance throughout the week.


That’s it.


Very simple really.


Once you learn to live in balance with your blood sugar your weight will come off and stay off!  Your health will improve your energy levels will soar and you’ll feel confident and happy within yourself.

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