Hi Guys,


Here at Hale Fitness we’re constantly trying to improve our standard of service and the quality of our sessions. That’s why we’re booked in a course every quarter!! I GUARANTEE other trainers in Cheshire are simply NOT doing this. Scary stuff considering they think they’re worth £45+ per hour….very scary….

We want to share our knowledge with you and that’s why we’re holding an “Evening of Advanced Fat Loss” for our local community. Come down for free and learn WHY you store fat in specific places. There is proven scientific reserach that supports this and we know it. We’ve helped countless people in your local area. Come down, see if you believe us and let us educate you.


Wednesday 22nd of February 7.30pm for 1 hour. You’ll be given a ton of information on the night so we recommend a pad and pen plus pick up our handouts too.

To attend simple email us at stuart@halefitness.co.uk to reserve your place.

The night is in conjunction with http://www.dietfoods.co.uk/

and M1 Health http://www.m1health.co.uk/M1Health/Launch_Page.html

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Ebook: The 12 Laws of fat burning

In this e-book, we demystify the 12 best ways to burn fat and achieve the shape you’ve always desired.

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