Here at Hale Fitness we are offering all new clients a FREE personal training session!! Come visit our personal training Hale location :

HALE FITNESS, 17 Cecil Road, Hale, Cheshire WA15 9NZ

Anyone looking to improve their fitness, tone, reduce fat etc are welcome to join us.

We welcome anyone and everyone from teenagers struggling with weight issues to the elderly needing mobility work – we work with the sedentary office worker who randomly decides to do a marathon…to professional athletes working through recovery sessions! We have a strong team of trainers and a very loyal client base. A true testament that hard work pays off 😉

If you could share this with anyone who you think may be interested we’d be more than grateful. Get friends and family to google personal training hale and click on our site 😉

All enquiries can go to

Stu Thoughts

Personal Training Hale, Personal Training Altrincham

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