Have you ever contemplated trying a strength and conditioning workout to mix up your training, or even incorporate a regular S&C session into your programme. Here at Hale Fitness we asked one of our trainers, Tom, who’s keen on incorporating S&C into all of his clients’ programmes for a brief summary of the benefits and to offer an example session that you can try yourself. Here’s what he had to say:

‘Strength and Conditioning is a fundamental part of optimising sporting performance via enhancing numerous strength variables, power, speed, agility and balance which will effectively prevent and help over come injury. However, it is not only essential to elite athletes and general sporting participants.

Adding a strength and conditioning workout into your training regime will not only mix up your training and activate different stimuli, it will also improve factors such as general strength, posture and overall fitness; allowing you to carry out other strenuous activity throughout your working day with relative ease and much lower risk of causing yourself work-related injury.  Not to mention a greater level of health and fitness allowing you to have much more fun, for a longer period of time with the children, family and friends.’

Here is a generic S&C workout for you to incorporate into your programme.

1. Deadlift – SETS = 4; REPS = 5; REST 90 secs

2a. Back squat – SETS = 4; REPS = 3-5

2b. Pistol squats – SETS = 4; REPS = 6 e.s. (using bodyweight); REST = 90 secs

3a. Bench press – SETS = 3; REPS = 8

3b. Bent over row – SETS = 3; REPS = 8; rest = 90 secs

4a. Barbell calf jumps – SETS = 3; REPS = 15

4b. Military press – SETS = 3; REPS = 8; REST = 90 secs

5a. TRX leg pull-ins – SETS = 3; reps = as many as possible in 1 minute

5b. Plank – SETS = 3; hold for 1 minute.


If you have any questions regarding the session or any of the exercises feel free to get in touch with Tom via the e-mail address below.

Healthy regards,

Team Hale Fitness.

Tom – tgomulko@gmail.com

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