How often do you rehydrate yourself? And by rehydrate, are you thinking of when you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee opposed to drinking water or at a push, diluted cordial.

It’s essential that you drink water regularly in order to prevent dehydration, even at a low level. Dehydration at a rate of just 2% body water decrease can cause a small yet critical shrinkage of the brain. This results in impaired neuromuscular coordination, concentration lapses and slower brain function. In addition to mental and cognitive effects, dehydration also affects several physiological factors such as reduced endurance, decreased strength, increased rate of cramping and slower muscular response.

Do you ever feel fatigued in the middle of the day? That is also likely related to being dehydrated, and how many of you drink a cup of tea or coffee at this time in order to rely on the caffeine to ‘pick you up’. If you do, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot by dehydrating yourself even more as caffeine is diuretic.

A tip from the guys at Hale Fitness, Cheshire, is to always carry a water bottle topped up and to drink regularly . We’re not saying don’t drink caffeine-based drinks either, but ensure you drink water with/before/or after it in order to counter-balance the diuretic effect.

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