Cut out MOST carbohydrates in the build up to Christmas!


Unnecessary and excessive carbohydrate consumption results in excess fat gain due to the excess carbohydrate/sugar being stored as a product known as Gylcogen, then resulting in the production of ‘Adipose Tissue’ who’s main role is to store energy in the form of fat.

Until you adapt your body to use the fat as an energy source rather than simply store it and continue to take in carbohydrates instead, you will remain the same body composition regardless of your best efforts in the gym!

So how do I adapt my body in such a way?

Your body needs to go through a fairly rigorous protocol whereby you will eliminate most (NOT ALL) carbohydrates in order to reset your metabolism to require and use fat as an energy source. This is through cutting out all complex carbohydrates in the form of potatoes, root vegetables, rice, pasta and bread as well as simple sugars such as fruit, sweets, sugary drinks etc. In place, you need to be consuming a high quantity of good quality green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, kale, spinach, sprouts and salad greens with each meal; with the rest of your plate being made up of a quality protein source such as meat, fish or eggs (2/3 veg, 1/3 meat). If you are wondering why the intake of greens needs to be drastically increased with EVERY meal, it is because these store carbohydrates in a different form (insoluble fibre) and will therefore be compensating for that lack of highly dense carbohydrate sources. Snacks should consist of similar foods, for example a midday snack could be a handful of nuts and a couple of celery sticks.

Sticking to this procedure STRICTLY for two weeks will see you lose body fat as your body is limiting the carbohydrate intake and therefore not relying on them for energy. Instead it will adjust to what is readily available (fat) and begin to break this down via a process called ‘lipolysis’ before using it up as an energy source or depositing it as a waste product.

Give it a go in the build up to Christmas week. You have nothing to lose apart from your own body fat. You’ll look better, feel better and won’t feel as guilty once you’re piling in those mince pies!

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Good luck!

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