There’s no doubting that having the best diet and using the most metabolically boosting exercise combinations in your workouts will benefit fat loss and body composition changes. But why is it such a struggle to rid your body of those few excess pounds that just don’t seem to shift?!

Although nutrition and training are key factors, sleep is another which will significantly help in achieving maximum fat loss. After all, being in peak condition is a 24/ endeavour, so it stands to sense that even your rest period is contributing to your final goal. You need to be on top of your game ALL OF THE TIME!

Sleep often goes overlooked as it’s not what you are doing while you sleep (you’re barely conscious!) it is the quality and quantity of the sleep you’re getting. A lack of good quality sleep is associated with an increase in daytime cortisol levels which is a hormone released in the body working to break down body tissues. Therefore the less sleep you have, the more cortisol will be released in your body and thus more body tissue (muscle mass) will be broken down or at least inhibited from properly developing.

Low levels of sleep also prompt the craving of carbohydrates the next day as a result of the body being in a fatigued state and therefore ‘thinking’ it needs a ‘pick me up’. In addition to this sleep deprivation is a contributing factor to decreased glucose and insulin sensitivity therefore increasing your chances of developing diabetes as these are two key factors involved in the development or prevention of the disease, as well as regulating the satiety you feel after eating.

This is a topic that can be discussed with many more factors in much more depth, but I hope these key points are a starting point to encourage you to focus your energy around proper rest as well as training hard and eating well!

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