Recover Well


Its not what you do in any exercise session that counts, the benefit comes how well you recover. I am constantly telling this to all my clients but recovery is key. So as soon as I got back from the track last night, I had my recovery shake within 20 minutes. This period is called the ‘window of opportunity’, where your body is primed to absorb fuel in the form of carbohydrate, protein and fat to replace your depleted glycogen stores. I then had a good stretch and a hot bath to relax and soothe my muscles. Within 2 hours of getting back, I had eaten a well balanced meal of steak, steamed vegetables and pasta. I don’t normally eat white pasta but after a hard session, due to its high glycemic index, the carbohydrate is more easily absorbed by the body, helping to replenish those depleted glycogen stores. After a good 8 hour sleep, today is all about eating well and resting. By resting I mean ‘active rest’. So I’ll still maybe get out for a 25 mile ride on the bike, just to keep things ticking over but also to the gym spa for a couple of rounds in the Sauna, Jacuzzi and Plunge Pool. I’ll then be ready for another quality session on Thursday!



Healthy regards,

Neil Walker @ Hale Fitness

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