So you’ve started on your quest to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’re fuelling yourself with nutritious meals during the day, getting in those workout sessions in and momentum is really building.
It all goes downhill at night time!
Often our evening hours are less busy and structured (we are released from our busy schedule) so instead we turn to mindless activities (binge watching TV, mind numbing social media sessions or naughty nibbles). You may have created patterns from a young age that have stuck with you into adulthood e.g. nibbling whilst cooking.
All hope is not lost, here are your tips and tricks to staying on track and avoiding those night time numbing nibbles.

1. Become Aware

In our fast paced environment, eating is becoming an increasingly mindless activity. The aim is to bring back the importance of good quality foods that are needed to fuel your body and provide you with adequate nutrition. If you are eating the bulk of your food in the evening, when your activity level is low, you end up with more fuel that you body needs at this time – storing it straight into your fat cells.

2. Break The Pattern

Just by changing the order in which you do things in the evening, give you the opportunity to break your patterns. For example, if you tend to munch on snacks during the adverts on TV, instead try getting small tasks done during this time. This may be prepping your meals for the following day, ringing a friend, running a bath (anything that changes your direction!). Setting up new routines may seem forced at first, but before long, the healthier pattern will become your new normal.

3. Keep a journal

One of the most effective tools! Figure out a way that works best for you, physically write it down, track through ‘My Fitness Pal’or take photos of your meals/snacks. If you have been overestimating your bodies needs, underestimating how much you eat and engaging in a lot of mindless eating, journaling will keep you aware and honest. It can allow you to identify unhealthy patterns, which is the first step to changing them.
Ginny Coates
Health and Wellness Coach
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