Check your feet!!

Did you know that EVERY problem with the body normally starts from the floor upwards?

Sore shoulder? – maybe you have a tight calf!!

Stiff neck? – might be a hamstring problem….

Sore lower back? – CLASSIC – tight and weak hamstrings + glutes….

Sciatica? – you probably over pronate….

Ok, enough about that – the simple matter is that your feet are in constant contact with the floor – any discrepancies with these and it affects your entire kinetic chain. WE CAN HELP.

You may need to address these issues:

Do I need inserts?

Do I have the correct footware?

Do I pronate or supinate? Or am I ‘hypermobile’ ??

We’re not claiming to be Osteopaths or Podiatrists but we do care enough to read, learn and if in doubt refer !!

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