Stuart, David and I, often have clients stating,
“I don’t have time for breakfast” or “I don’t feel hungry in the morning.”  JUST EAT.

Yes, at Hale Fitness, Cheshire, we are actually advocating that eating a breakfast, consisting of lean protein, will help you in your goal of fat loss.  I am not referring to cereal either!

At Hale Fitness, Cheshire, eating strategies applied at breakfast time can have a big impact when it comes to achieving long term fat loss. For many people, starting with a poor or unhealthy breakfast can carry across the rest of the day, therefore, potentially, leading to every food choice to be a poor or unhealthy one.    However, if we start off positive we will be more inclined to continue in this fashion and choose nutritious and healthy foods at every meal.
Protein for breakfast offers the following benefits;
1.  Increase satiety.
2.  Reduce hunger throughout the day.
3.  Has a high themogenic effect i.e increases metabolism.
4.  Helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Here are some fat loss breakfast ideas;

1.  eggs.  verstaile, quick and easy.  Add vegetables to them and protein, such as ham or bacon.
2.  The “Full English” can be on the menu, but avoid the bread, hash browns etc.  Obviously, grilling and poaching as opposed to frying.

These are just a couple of ideas but why not contact Hale Fitness, Cheshire, for the full lowdown.


Written by @AndrewNoutch

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