As the weather gets nicer, the mornings are getting lighter – Hale Fitness is gearing up to begin it’s 10k runs around Cheshire and Manchester.

On March 10th 2013, Hale Fitness super star Stuart Lindsay will be running the Trafford 10k, based in Partington Leisure Centre, with clients. Stuart HATES running and would rather be lifting dumbells or playing rugby. “I find running boring, tedious and to be honest…difficult…”. Stuart will nonetheless lace up and get on with it. When asked why he simply said “Well, it’s what my clients wants and it’s what they need. My job is to lead, organise, educate and challenge my clients. Ultimately, I have to lead by example. Words such as ‘I can’t”….’I won’t’…’I don’t enjoy’ simply are not a healthy mindset and will always hold you back”.

Halefitness, running, cheshire, trafford 10k

Halefitness, running, cheshire, trafford 10k

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