How many of you have tried the 5:2 “diet”, have you been on the Atkins over the years and lost some weight only to put it all (AND MORE) back on? Worst even is the FRIGGING “juice” diet…. don’t get me started.

Coming up with a healthy, balanced and focussed approach to eating should be a very natural and EASY process…


You are fat because you read misleading information

You are fat because you want quick results, no matter the cost

You are fat because you compare yourself to others and don’t actually focus on yourself properly

You are fat because you are not educated properly

I could go on and on.


Even as a well educated Personal Trainer in Cheshire, I know the difference between good health and destructive health. I too however, catch myself reading up on the “latest diet” or training fad that comes out the woodwork. It’s interesting and provocative and naturally you want to learn about it.

It comes down to very good marketing and very good sales techniques. These big companies couldn’t really give two s**ts about your long term health and physique. They want you to buy their products NOW and LOTS OF IT.

At Hale Fitness, we don’t “sell” our product as a one off. You can’t buy a “block of sessions” because you cannot say “after 6 sessions you’ll be sorted” it doesn’t work like that

We pride ourselves as the best personal trainers in Cheshire because we take the time to educate our clients in terms of their health, nutrition, lifestyle and their training. There is NO magic exercise, nor is there ANY 2 week detox that will give you a six pack and keep it whilst you got back to massive drinking sessions every Friday/Saturday plus a Sunday/Monday full of “hangover cures”.

You, as a client, are responsible for educating yourself in the fastest, safest and best ways to achieve optimal health.

Only once you can commit to being a healthier person, can you truly begin to lose body fat and make life changing effects to your body.

We here at Hale Fitness have the tools to do this with you. Our Personal Training studio in Hale, Cheshire has all the equipment, education resources, support and knowledge needed to guide you onto the correct path.

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